Reflecting on the End of Trump’s America: What Did We Learn and How Did We Change?

Calico Jack – Looking back – Thinking forward

The Psy of Life

I had been writing my first ever year-end review of Ye Olde Blogge, when I took a break and started reading Sarah Kendzior’sHiding in Plain Sight. At the beginning of the book, she offers a lengthy quote from an open letter she wrote to the American people right after Trump’s election asking us to think about our values and what we would and wouldn’t do since all of those things will be challenged during the next four years. It got me to thinking about how we have changed over the past four years. It seemed much better than just a year-in-the-blog review.

What’s changed in 2020, but also what’s changed in the five years that Trump has infected the national stage?

Leave a comment about the things you’ve learned, the ways you changed, or the changes you’ve observed during the Trump years. We’d love to hear from you…

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