Last Call: Submission Deadline for But You Don’t Look Sick is December 31, 2020

A reminder from Indie Blu(e)

Brave & Reckless

Indie Blue Publishingwill be accepting submissions for But You Don’t Look Sick untilDecember 31, 2020.

The focus of But You Don’t Look Sick: The Real Life Adventures of Fibro Bitches, Lupus Warriors, and other Super Heroes Battling Invisible Illness is on writing and art from those living with a chronic but invisible physical illness or disability, such as fibromyalgia, lupus, multiple sclerosis, cancer, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, migraine headache, dysautonomia, etc.

Anthology Submission Guidelines

SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED: December 1, 2020 throughDecember 31, 2020


SUBJECT LINE: But You Don’t Look Sick Submission


  • The maximum number of pieces for submission per writer/artist issix (6).
  • Writing may include poetry, prose, short fiction, essay, and/or creative nonfiction
  • Individual pieces of writing shouldnotexceed 1,000 words
  • Writing should be submitted as asingleWord attachment to your submission email…

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The Blue Tsunami and the Disappointing Result from Election 2020

Calico Jack – What happened to the big wave?

The Psy of Life

If you’re like me, Election 2020 was just a wee bit disappointing. From the slow count of the vote and delayed declaration of the #BidenHarris win to the incredible disappointment of the Congressional elections. We’re down to the Georgia Senate run-offs as our last chance to re-take the Senate? We lost — LOST — seats in the House?!? Are you kidding me? Mith McConnell won? Lindsey Graham won? Susan Collins won? Joni Ernst won?

Weren’t we supposed to have a Blue Tsunami or wave or something? Instead it seems like the best we could do is stand in a puddle of our own piddle.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m overjoyed to have #BidenHarris in office and Trump out of office. I am relieved and am more and more relaxed as all of the attempts to steal the election fall by the wayside. But, but, but… Blue Tsunami!

How was it…

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The Narcissist’s Playbook: Trump’s Revenge on the Congressional GOP, The Schadenfreude Edition

Calico Jack – The screwing of GOP on The Hill

The Psy of Life

I guess I really am tired of all the winning as in all of the accurate predictions based on Trump’s extreme narcissism. Gawd awl- might-he, has the Ol’ Pussy Grabber put the Grinch, er Mitch McConnell, and the Congressional GOP into a bad spot. And, he’s done it not once, not twice, but three times! Three tight spots all at the same time. So, many bad places that we’ve divided this post into two. Read the second edition, here. This post is about his revenge on the GOP for not couping hard enough for him and the second is about how he’s screwing over the American people and country because he LOST THE ELECTION!

His turn on the Repubes was inevitable. He’s done it before in big ways and small but nothing like this before! The clearer it is that…

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The Narcissist’s Playbook: The #COVID19 and Omnibus Spending Bill Debacle or Trump’s Revenge on the Country

Calico Jack – Punish-er In Chief

The Psy of Life

As the walls are closing in on the Ol’ Pussy Grabber, it really feels like the walls are closing in to him. It is getting awfully claustrophobic in Trump’s small mind, and two tasks become increasingly imperative: (1) Stay in office, and (2) punish those who have hurt him by not helping him stay in office. The narcissistic wound of his loss must be avenged. Consequently, his narcissistic fantasies of greatness will become more grandiose, fanciful, further from reality, and much more dangerous. When you’re grasping at straws, that last straw, no matter how weak or unlikely to succeed, has to be grabbed. While he isn’t likely to stay in office, his attempts at revenge are going to be terrible and cause a lot of pain and needless suffering to a lot of real live and some dead Americans.

[H]e will never do…

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New Years Resolution: Supporting Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation at the Wildlife Alliance Center at Phnom Tamao

And now, for something completely different from Calico Jack.

The Psy of Life

This post will be a post a little different than what you usually find on Ye Olde Blogge. As a Christmas present to Ye Olde Family we visited the Wildlife Alliance’sZoological Park and Wildlife Rescue Center at Phnom Tamao. We were so overjoyed by our experiences that I just have to share them.

As many of you know, my wife and I are international school teachers. Before any new readers get carried away with our self-sacrifice and martyrdom of teaching indigent nationals, we don’t. We teach the children of diplomats, NGO officers, corporate executives, and wealthy nationals. We teach Western curricula. We’ve done this for the past 20-odd years starting by teaching English in South Korea and turning to international schools after our daughter was born. Teaching ESL in South Korea was fun and rewarding, it wouldn’t allow us to educate our daughter there since international school tuition…

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Les terreurs d’une nuit

TheFeatheredSleep – Things that come at night


In the dark when you cannot see well

and squint futile

shadows take on recollection

you are, again, that child

wide-eyed and awake in night

seeing monsters configure themselves

at the foot of your bed

and maybe

climb on in.

Time is definitely female

a circle and not a line

she curves backward

like a hungry snake

devouring her tail

she dives forward

impulsively, unknowingly

as if she too

is unseeing.

Though decades pass

we speak still in the dark

in the voice of a child

surging from within us

bile, relief, sweet, salty, sticky fingers

eating the last of childhood

forbidden to those who

no longer grow upward

only inward, if they are


I have lain in many beds

with lovers, sometimes alone

standing in, for absent friends

memory like a scar, whispers

near and far, recollection a drumbeat

solace in stillness, the cliff you walk to


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9 New Year’s Resolutions For Better Mental Health in 2021

Sam Dylan French has suggestions.

Let's Queer Things Up!

Nearlyeveryyear that I’ve been writing on this humble blog, I’ve shared my New Year’s resolutions.

New Year’s is my favorite holiday; I love a fresh beginning and an excuse for self-reflection. I love the hopefulness and excitement that a new year can bring. I love watching Anderson Cooper do shots on live television. I love the sudden uptick in people reading their horoscopes and wearing silly hats and kissing at midnight.

But sadly, NYE has strayed from its true purpose in recent years. It isn’t all introspection and romance on January 1st. And amidst the demands to change our bodies and self-optimize, it can be easy to fall into a trap of “I need to fix what’s wrong with me” resolutions.

Here’s a thought: Instead of trying to change ourselves, what if we embraced this momentum to do something meaningful?

Because listen: If 2020 taught us anything, it’s…

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December 2020

TheFeatheredSleep – Youth, Age, kindness



there in the last glimmer

I see a girl run barefoot across the field

I see an old woman, hunched and bent, look up

and briefly, as the smile crosses her face

resemble that girl again

I see the cruelty of passing cars who

do not slow to permit the old woman crossing

their fierce lipped drivers dripping with venom

at the vulnerability of the ancient

I see the disinterest of those behind closed doors

watching their Twitter feeds like stock markets

of gossip and futility, forgetful of

the song bird who used to sing outside

and now does not

the sky has broken open like an orange feast

light pours out into darkness and indigo colored

clouds hasten to rush against the backdrop like

tired dancers exiting stage right

far away a man chops wood for his first fire of the season

a woman might be giving birth…

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The Two Weird Tricks That Keep MAGAs and the GOP Supporting Trump

Calico Jack – Flexible “Beliefs”

The Psy of Life

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Impossible to answer, right? Try these:

  • Which came first, the genocidal murder of 325,000+ real live dead Americans or the the belief that the genocidal murder of 325,000+ real live dead Americans is a core bedrock conservative belief?
  • Which came first, the willingness to aide and abet an authoritarian leader to illegally overturn a legal, fair, transparent presidential election, or the willingness to aide and abet an authoritarian leader to illegally overturn a legal, fair, transparent presidential election is a core bedrock conservative belief?

Why is it that good conservatives who until four or five years ago would have never dreamed of supporting genocide through incompetent neglect of a pandemic or a blatant anti-democratic power grab through overturning free, fair, and transparent elections using court actions, state legislatures, or martial law are doing so now?

It just doesn’t seem possible people who…

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YOU WILL BREAK… over and over again

HASTY – Breaking – Healing – Breaking – Healing


Zumba class used to be my happy place. Several times a week I would walk into this class and I’d forget about all the hard things in my life. Fun music, people sweating and laughing. We literally looked like we had taken a group shower when we were done. It felt so good.

The instructor became my best friend and we began doing all the things my husband at the time didn’t want to do. Movies, shopping, dancing, and eventually parties. It seems if you hang out with someone half your age you start acting half your age. For a time… I had a blast.

I lost 100 pounds doing his brand of Zumba. I was confident for the first time in my life. Until the workouts, the barely eating, the drinking too much, and the never sleeping almost killed me. My friendships started to become toxic and I thought…

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