HASTY – asking, yes


I feel like this sometimes.

It’s lack of sleep. It’s a butt load of disappointments piling up. It’s a whole lot of tired mind and tired body. And a little bit of self-destruction saying “why try” and “why do you think you deserve good things?”

Reality is…. everything is fine when I feel this way. Depression doesn’t need a reason to visit. The world is what it was, is, and will be. I’ll dig through pictures and songs to remind me that life is worth living outside of my head. And it is worth living. My soul and my heart know that.

Wisdom says we should ask for what we need.

And maybe we all could appreciate some nice distracting happy comments, gifs, songs, jokes, and vibes. So ask for them if you need them.❤️

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Call Your Members of Congress: The Save Our Democracy, edition

Calico Jack – Tips and tricks from Indivisible

The Psy of Life

In addition to our political psychology posts, Ye Olde Blogge makes these Call Your MoCposts to encourage us to engage our government representatives on legislation, policy, appointments, and other issues.. Our biggest impact was probably in encouraging readers to contact Emily Murray, the GSA administrator, to authorize the transition.

We’ve relied on Indivisible to help us make sure we’re giving good advice and supplying good information about how to influence your government.

Indivisible has gone through several iterations of advice as our national situation has changed.

  1. They started in 2017 to help the resistance resist The Ol’ Pussy Grabber and friends more effectively. That was back when the Dems were shut out of majorities anywhere in the federal government. We needed to figure out how exert ourselves as the minority party.
  2. Then, they adjusted their advice when the Dems took back the House in 2018, after all, we had…

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Misleading light

TheFeatheredSleep – Youth, Age, and the girl still there


You’re not leaving yet are you?

Girl with mango skin, every direction she turns

a kalidoscope of hopefulness in her smile

I notice how she wears her rings on her fingers like mine

that is because she is me

lost to time, a pull in a favorite knit top

the burgundy losing its focus as

it gathers holes

this is because she is me

bound to gravity and her weighty entreaty

toward inexorable end

a time away, yes, yes,

and nearer now than ever before

the steal of youth cloying on her dry hands

people slip her sweets and say: You are a doll

and she knows if she were a doll she’d be

able to affix the grimace all day and probably say

mama if you tipped her upside down

which is what she cannot say now

anymore than: I hurt, I cry, I feel

for she is passed…

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HASTY – They don’t all stay.


People you love will leave

It’ll hurt and you’ll cry

Your brain will have

A million things to say

You’ll blame yourself

Wish you could have done better

Wish you could have changed

Wonder what you could have done

But babe

If you loved them and you tried

If you were there for them

If you were honest with them

If you listened to them

Gave them what you said you could

Then it’s not your fault

When they want what you can’t give

When they change the rules

When they refuse to listen to you

You didn’t love wrong

Love isn’t a guarantee

Doesn’t make people stay

So let them go

And use that love

Where it’s needed

Because it is needed

Even if only for a season

And maybe when people leave

That’s love too

Maybe you deserve better

Maybe your love deserves better

And there are plenty…

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Distorted from downpour

TheFeatheredSleep – A missing piece


Without you there, rubbing against my emptiness

I am a scream

begun without end

I may close my mouth

I may purse my lips and paint them

I may say yes please and thank you very much

and still dial your number

that no longer exists

just to hear it ring

in my mind



three times

it may be you

on the other end

picking up, I can hear the lint

of the connection stretching like walkers on wire

a crackle, a fizz, the ghosting hiss of you

what are you saying?

Rolling down bled city streets with lights

hanging like old bottles, catching stray saline

I strain to hear

through ceaseless whiteout of rain

it is yellow against brown glass

distorted from downpour

slapping wetly in time to lost rhythm

pirate radio in storm, trying to reach land

crackle, fizz, pop, static … spreading her fingers


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ecstasy is the iris and the onyx

TheFeatheredSleep – Safe to say, or not?


Oh no


dare write it

honestly, I’m warning you

don’t do it.

Haven’t you been listening?

People (that’s the noise you hear outside your cardboard box)

don’t (that’s a definite by the way)

want . to . hear. about. you.

Frankly? They’ve had it up to here

(or even higher, if you stand on a chair, but mind you don’t tip over)

with the words of women who possess

white skin, light colored eyes, a middle class background

or something approximating (after all, the middle class are dying, they are

collapsing under the weight of holding up a false fabric and you can see

the lie of it, peaking from underneath a pretend sky, yellowed with time)

you are not

in the trenches anymore, you safe, safe feminist

you are yesterday’s news wrapping up cold fish n’ chips

we read your forebearers already (sometimes I too found them depressing…

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HASTY – Silence; Golden or Tarnished


Silence has a sound

If you listen

Does it sound like peace

Quiet breathing

Content thoughts

Kind memories

Your own heartbeat

Or is it loud

Electrical humming

Chaos echoing

A chorus of voices

That sound like you?

Berating you?

Scolding you?

Questioning you?

And then answering you?

Internal silence doesn’t exist

And sometimes it asks

Too many questions

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Call Your Senator about the Filibuster, the Big Lie, and Impeachment

Calico Jack – Three things to call about

The Psy of Life

Update Tuesday 26 January 2021:Well that didn’t last long. Just as I posted this post, word came via Rachel Maddow on The Rachel Maddow Show that McConnell caved on his demands to have the filibuster protected in the organizing resolution. That doesn’t mean that the Repubes won’t abuse the filibuster because it is still there for legislative matters but not for judicial matters. I guess McConnell acknowledged that it was better to have the Daschle-Lott rules and the skinny filibuster than have Schumer go all nuclear on his ass and do everything with a bare majority, a simple bare majority of life, to paraphrase the Jungle Book. So, you still call your senators and tell them that you support removing the filibuster if need be!

There are three big issues before the Senate that NEED the intervention of the electorate. The Senate is trying to develop it’s organizing resolution…

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TheFeatheredSleep – Permanence – Impermanence


In the afterlife

There is always something to do

pick up the leaning umbrella before it hits the window,  leaving

a tell tale smudge

clutter. Le désordre

le bruit,le fatras,

a maniac for the mind seeking calm

in Upton’s Jungle where only heat bakes

rocks inedible

cushions flattened by visitations, last nights vestige

reminds me of when the bad boy dropped me off at my house and I ran

whippet thin and full of bile through tall yellow grass before sun was up

thinking if I could get inside, wash every molecule off, it wouldn’t be real

for what is real? Who is alive and who is not?

Was it real that you gave birth to me? Or did I come out from your forehead

like Athena without guile, just seeking, the end of the puzzle

wet with embryonic writhe

a dot representing the center, a square…

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HASTY – Things unseen


It’s hard to explain

The nature of things

That are invisible

Science tries to

With measurements

With observations

Sampling reality

By constricting

By eliminating

Trying to find

The reason

The basis

The foundation

That makes

An invisible thing

True or false

But sometimes

The invisible thing

Is just invisible

It doesn’t exist

In the place

We try looking

We’ve dug

The wrong hole

The treasure

Is somewhere else

In a place

Nature has hidden

Because being invisible

Is its whole nature

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