Call Your MoC about Impeaching and Removing Trump from Office

Calico Jack – Impeach again

The Psy of Life

Our Members of Congress need to know that we support impeaching and removing Trump from office. It is imperative that we call or otherwise contact our Members of Congress and voice our support. After Trump’s Seditious Riot on 6 January, he has made it clear that he did not learn a lesson from a year ago. He didn’t learn his lesson from the Mueller Report. And even though he woodenly stumbled through his scripted statement supporting a peaceful transfer of power on 20 January, you can’t trust it. We all know he believes whatever he’s saying whenever he says it. When it strikes him to be his advantage to do it again, he’ll do it disavowal or not. So, help your Members of Congress not only support impeachment, but removal this time.

We know that Rep Ilhan Omar and others have already written the Articles of Impeachment and Rep Jerry…

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