Call Mitch McConnell to Pressure Him into Removing Trump

Calico Jack – Mitch is resisting having an impeachment trial before 1/20

The Psy of Life

Mitch McConnell sent a memo to his caucus saying that without unanimous consent from all 100 senators — is Josh Hawley or Ted Cruz going to object? Does the Pope shit in the woods or a bear wear a funny hat? — he won’t bring the Senate back into session, so impeachment will have to be put off until the Senate reconvenes 1:00 PM on 20 January AFTER Trump’s term ends and one hour into #BidenHarris when he is no longer majority leader but Schumer is (once Harris is VP, it shifts to Schumer).

It’s a nice procedural trick that diffuses responsibility for the Senate failing to remove a clear and present danger to the country. We can’t let him get away with it. We have to let him know that we know what he’s thinking:

McConnell assumes that we will forget this by 2022 and through his continued obstruction…

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