The Civil War Never Ended: The Racist Legacy of Puritanism and Calvinism in White Deep Culture (part 2)

Calico Jack – How we got to be so exceptional

The Psy of Life

This is the second installment of a series of three exploring the resilient racist cultural roots of our resilient racist issues in our culture. The first installment introduced the concept of deep culture and explored the links to Trump’s insurrection and Big Lie about the election. The third edition will conclude by discussing the cultural war that forced us to compromise with racism in the Constitution, during Reconstruction, and beyond. This post will take a deepish dive into the foundation of racism, discrimination, and white identity that Puritanism and Calvinism laid n our white psyches. But, first, let’s review the definition and implications of deep culture.

Deep culture is the set of assumptions, norms, and values that underpin our behaviors and mental processes. In other words, if two people view the same scene, the closer their interpretation, understanding, and reaction to it, the greater…

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