Call Your Senator about the Filibuster, the Big Lie, and Impeachment

Calico Jack – Three things to call about

The Psy of Life

Update Tuesday 26 January 2021:Well that didn’t last long. Just as I posted this post, word came via Rachel Maddow on The Rachel Maddow Show that McConnell caved on his demands to have the filibuster protected in the organizing resolution. That doesn’t mean that the Repubes won’t abuse the filibuster because it is still there for legislative matters but not for judicial matters. I guess McConnell acknowledged that it was better to have the Daschle-Lott rules and the skinny filibuster than have Schumer go all nuclear on his ass and do everything with a bare majority, a simple bare majority of life, to paraphrase the Jungle Book. So, you still call your senators and tell them that you support removing the filibuster if need be!

There are three big issues before the Senate that NEED the intervention of the electorate. The Senate is trying to develop it’s organizing resolution…

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