Call Your Members of Congress: The Save Our Democracy, edition

Calico Jack – Tips and tricks from Indivisible

The Psy of Life

In addition to our political psychology posts, Ye Olde Blogge makes these Call Your MoCposts to encourage us to engage our government representatives on legislation, policy, appointments, and other issues.. Our biggest impact was probably in encouraging readers to contact Emily Murray, the GSA administrator, to authorize the transition.

We’ve relied on Indivisible to help us make sure we’re giving good advice and supplying good information about how to influence your government.

Indivisible has gone through several iterations of advice as our national situation has changed.

  1. They started in 2017 to help the resistance resist The Ol’ Pussy Grabber and friends more effectively. That was back when the Dems were shut out of majorities anywhere in the federal government. We needed to figure out how exert ourselves as the minority party.
  2. Then, they adjusted their advice when the Dems took back the House in 2018, after all, we had…

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