I Howl Alone

Tara Caribou – A howling

tara caribou

loneliness spills over my lips
my sight smeared,
my tongue slows
emptiness surrounds me
some part of me is missing
my wings lift, then fail
I cry out, “where are you?!”
“hear my soul-yearn!”

I lift my barren pen
it sinks beneath heavy waves
tossing and turning, I
search for any flotsam
a raft of debris to hold on to
I float, I sink,
I am laid waste and ruined
all broken ankles and swollen fingers
I long for the ocean floor
just as much as I ache
for the rising sun
the gravel between my eyelids shifts
“lift me and carry me
near to your breast!”

the sand listens, impartial
I howl, I moan, I am silent

tara caribou | ©2021

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