The GOP Censuring of Those Who Voted For Impeachment is a Symptom of Groupthink

Calico Jack – The “G” in the GOP is now for Groupthink

The Psy of Life

Hey ho, y’all, it’s the return of the groupthink posts because, well, the Repubes have their mindguards out enforcing their conformity to the party line. Unfortunately, that party line has been hijacked by the rabble. It might could even be tragic if it hadn’t been so gawd-damned predictable. We know two things:

  • Groups decisions are more extreme. Under certain conditions, which we’ll explore shortly, group decisions are more extreme than those made by individuals. And, right now, we’re witnessing some extreme decisions made by the Repubes and their voters.
  • Groupthink leads to disastrous immoral decisions. When groups are more concerned with loyalty, conformity, and unanimity and are distressed, the decisions they make tend to become more and more disastrous and depraved. Does anything describe the modern Repubes and their voters better than that? Does anything explain the truly crappy and deceitful choices…

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