Bone-marrow Essence

Tara Caribou – Poetry, Art, Living

Raw Earth Ink

you slip through all my cracks
soul-seepage with glitter-eye
wrapping and curling around shoulders
down soft supple belly
and intimate sighs
headswirl, I inhale
lips speak, whisper firstbloom love
I hold each seed
heart-stream unstoppable dance
fingers fly, tongue-fly, words fly, fly, fly
to. you.
pillow-head, I exhale
momentarily I wonder
did you catch them?
my thoughts? my dreams?
the key, hung high?
my vision swells, impaired
wrist-flip hand-nab
reach out and grapple mid-air
they float, they lift, they wait
art and poetry, poetry-art
my essence, open
bone-marrow depth
for You

tara caribou | ©2021

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