TWI Poetry : Collecting Mothers, Moonshine, Ripe Fruit

Three poems by Candice Louisa Daquin at The Woman

The Woman Inc.

Three poems by Candice Louisa Daquin

Collecting Mothers

As a child, as an adult

I collected mothers

bewitched by what had been absent

the soft strength and maturing gravitas

of gentle women who suspend the sky

It has long been a desire of mine

to inhabit the energy of a mother’s soul, long enough to learn, the mystery

it is as if I am a man-child, cut from peripheral cloth

for she who is a mother, has a remote wholeness I cannot absorb

the density of putting others before herself, to bring life squalling into this world

surely her soul is closer to the reduction and encroaching waves, shaping time

for her voice speaks of places I have yet to go

mysteries in the birth and death of life, she intuits

the breaking foamy sound, one of collapse, folding in on itself and remaking

as marbles in opaque jar, clustered…

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