The Thin Veil

Tara Caribou – On edge at the edge

Raw Earth Ink

At the edge of tomorrow,
there stood a moment,
stretched out before me,
the veil between this life and the beyond
spread thin.

A separation of body and spirit.

I wrestled.

On the one hand,
peace and rest.
On the other,
small hands and tearful eyes and
memories that will never be forgotten.

The moments wore on
as the battle surged
this way, then that.

I want the release.
I don’t want it.

I held on to the physical realms.
I implored into the spiritual one.

Give me wisdom and courage,
I have none.

Three times
I have stood here.
Three times
I came back.

Twice I wanted release
and was denied it.
The third,
circumstances have changed.

I don’t love this world any deeper,
it holds nothing for me,
but I DO Love.

it’s tomorrow.
I’m still at the edge,
though now I’m kneeling

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