Ice and Snow Winter Photography

Tara Caribou – photos – winter beauty

Raw Earth Ink

Hi friends, here’s another little glimpse at my little bit of Alaska. It was fairly chilly, relatively speaking, for a few weeks but now it’s been in the warm high-teens to mid-twenties (Fahrenheit degrees)… excluding wind chill of course. I can’t believe how warm it’s been and how little snow we’ve gotten. I hope that changes for the next month to build back up the water table and all that. I hope you enjoy these.

Frozen River.

Mount Spur (volcano) highest point on the right of these screen.

they say don’t look at the sun… I think its just so we won’t see how pretty it is. I’ve doing a lot of sun-gazing lately.

No camera filter, by the way… the cloud-layer was just perfect.

Of course, gotta have some ocean ice.

And I love textures.

Never get tired of this…

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