Being a Likeable Old White Guy is Biden’s Super Power

Calico Jack – What’s not to like?

The Psy of Life

Most people don’t realize it, but we are in the middle of one of the most fascinating natural experiments in modern American history. We know that our current era of politics is determined by one of two trends. (1) We act more out of hatred for our opponents than we do out of support for our candidates. It explains how odious creatures like Ted Cruz get elected. And (2) we support the policies and actions of politicians we like rather than support the politicians who enact policies and actions we like. We’ll switch our political beliefs to match those of politicians we like rather than switch politicians. Both are at work right now in our politics. Which one will win out?

Much has been made of how popular Old Handsome Joe Biden is right now. I heard lots o’ talk by all the talking heads on the TV machine that…

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