HASTY – A time gone by


I loved the ‘80s. So many cool memories. Music made life better in so many ways. I mean…

You could walk like an Egyptian, dance with somebody that loved you, do the Safety Dance, or you could just Beat it.

In the ‘80s you could spin somebody round… like a record, walk this way, pour some sugar on someone, hit someone with your best shot, blind someone with science, dance with yourself, or be addicted to love.

It was a time when girls just wanted to have fun and we were all just livin on a prayer. When we weren’t having a total eclipse of the heart we were hungry like the wolf. We would go from never gonna give you up to another one bites the dust. From what’s love got to do with it to love shack.

Huey Lewis believed in the power of love and Foreigner wanted…

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