Black Roses and Moonlight

Christine Ray – Goddess, observing

Brave & Reckless

She brings black roses and moonlight
fireflies like stars in her sky
bare feet caress the dewy ground
night blooming jasmine
reaching up to brush her opal skin
she is a casualty of time
forgotten midnight goddess
slipped from her stem
name no long invoked reverently on
devout lips
her followers reduced to
the night creatures
who fly above
trail at her feet
she shakes her head sadly at
the sorry state of affairs
old ways replaced by
franchised faith
found on televisions
drive-up chapels where
Elvis impersonators
listen to sins
dole out penance
under neon lights
for just a small tithe
Visa, Mastercard and Discover accepted
they say you are
what you worship
she journeys on
wonders what humanity now prays for
in their concrete fortresses surrounded
by asphalt seas
something electronic perhaps

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

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eventually even the hypochondriac will be right

TheFeatheredSleep – A certainty and imagined dreads


odd for the child

to fear drowning

when his life now is so long

stretching like taut ribbon in sun

he imagines like plain moths who drown themselves

in light emanating from dark

his own lifeless body buoyant on chlorinated pool

why he thinks of his death is anyone’s guess

perhaps the morbid humor of an intelligent mind

or the broken mosaic of life, beginning its downward cycle

once he asked his father, if the river levies bust

will I know I am dead before I am drowned or

will I wake in heaven first?

His father, a man who only worried about

whether his mistress was going to leave him for a younger man

did not spend time assuaging the boys fears

and he grew into a frightened soul who possessed

no mistress to sooth his night terrors

eventually even the hypochondriac will be right

maybe not this year

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Know Your Place

Tara Caribou – Absolute Decrees

Raw Earth Ink

put your toes to the line
know your place
you aren’t worth a bar of silver

your identity: you have none
here, we paint your face
clown-face, so sad, so happy
chalk line on the pavement
follow the red tape that direction

you think you’re something special?
think again, you dumb bitch
you aren’t anything we don’t say you are

today you walk this way
tomorrow you don’t say orange
it doesn’t exist, never did
don’t question your reality
it is exactly as we say it is

know your place
stay in line
you’re nobody
except a number
replace a name
forget your face
wait right there
now step backward

tara caribou | ©2021

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A Trauma Dad Post

HASTY – Good through and through


I hope you read the post above. Byron can also be found writing on

From the moment I met Byron I liked him. He had a good heart and I didn’t need much more than words on a piece of paper to know that. He started out as a friend and for all I knew, at the time, that’s all that he ever would be.

Flash forward…. I was getting a divorce and had already decided not to date. It was just me and my girl and I was so happy about that. Some more time passed before the idea of meeting and possibly dating became a topic. It never occurred to me to even consider dating someone from another country. I mean how would that even work. And then we were an “US” and have been for gosh what 5 or 6 years?

I say all this…

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Q #159: When has something run by the American government been good for corporations AND the people at the same time?

The Chatty One asks a good question.

The Chatty Introvert

This one’s been bugging me for a long time, and certainly the past couple of weeks with the Texas Winter Catastrophuck of 2021. There’s a line about some government funding that would help the corporations during the Iraq War from Fahrenheit 9/11. One of the attendees at a conference said, “It’s gonna be good for business, bad for the people.”

That line’s stuck with me for years. Because that’s what it feels like. As much as people complain about the marriage of government and corporate interests… you’d think this wouldn’t be news, or someone would do something about it. Time and time again, when there’s a problem with necessities, wars, infrastructure, … when there’s a natural disaster or stock market crash, the people are hurt badly by it. And the government makes excuses, and the corporations make excuses (or a lot of money, or both). And the people are…

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Paler Shade of Winter

Christine Ray – A weariness seeped in

Brave & Reckless

i long to paint
but this unceasing
of dirty whites
of tired grays
that lurks outside
every window
sucks the rich
from my bones
whittles my winter-
chilled fingers
into skeletal twigs
silvery bark pealing
a cardinal briefly
breaks my
monotonous horizon
a small spot
of vivid crimson
I drink thirstily
with tired eyes
I wonder if
could I render
its flight
on white parchment
or is even my
my life’s blood
too weak
too pale?

© 2021 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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Below zero

TheFeatheredSleep – Snow Dreams


Snow I have always

been thankful for your expunging


how you take dirt

and suffocate it

beneath insistent layers

the wild and untame methods of your

settling, blown like befuddled

birds in all direction, swirling in

lost echo, falling eventually to

sugar-coat the dim world brighter

as pipes fail, their fragile egg shells

bloated with trapped water

a parallel I think

to our own shuttered lives

When I was a child I would

be told

do not go out in the snow for long

you will catch your death

and I hoped

very much

that were true

for to sleep

a red rose in bosom of white

I could fancy in my child’s mind

no greater perishment

though fancy and its

myriad ways of suggesting


grow less appealing

the older we get

Now I avoid slipping on ice

for fear of crushing my elbow into

shards like my…

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Being a Likeable Old White Guy is Biden’s Super Power

Calico Jack – What’s not to like?

The Psy of Life

Most people don’t realize it, but we are in the middle of one of the most fascinating natural experiments in modern American history. We know that our current era of politics is determined by one of two trends. (1) We act more out of hatred for our opponents than we do out of support for our candidates. It explains how odious creatures like Ted Cruz get elected. And (2) we support the policies and actions of politicians we like rather than support the politicians who enact policies and actions we like. We’ll switch our political beliefs to match those of politicians we like rather than switch politicians. Both are at work right now in our politics. Which one will win out?

Much has been made of how popular Old Handsome Joe Biden is right now. I heard lots o’ talk by all the talking heads on the TV machine that…

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Coffee House Writers

Pattimouse bring 3 to Coffee House Writers, one of hers among them.


My girl Cyndi has taken a indeterminate break due to health from Coffee House Writers. And Tish apparently did not post this week…So I found a couple of other posts that looked interesting by other friends. I like sharing three of us.

Mine – Poet’s Blade.

My friend Heather’s Poem – Silent No Longer and her story – Welkin Freefall

And another friend Keely’s Article – #Metoo #Nevertool8

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