Thoughts in light

TheFeatheredSleep – A reminder


She has written herself off

or so she says

watching youth inherit the mantle

she stares at her own flaccid chest

in unforgiving morning sun

and tries to convince herself to gently let go

light pouring in through the bay window

creating a halo effect in surround

she is bathed in unexpected warmth

her pores absorbing hungrily

that urging intensity, a happy blindness

as if the world paused in its toil

to tap her on the shoulder and whisper

it’s not near over yet girl

go out, gather your arms full




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HASTY – That was then, this is now


Every year, about this time, I start falling hopelessly into a past that nearly killed me.

2011 was the year I turned 40. It was a pretty strange year in that I was a totally different person than I had been previously. I had lost 100 lbs and had made lots of new friends. It’s also the year binge drinking started to get out of hand.

2012 was a slow and constant spiral into what felt like a steady fade into madness. Emotional, paranoid, overthinking, and so anxious and sad I couldn’t sleep. In fact, the night my mind nearly convinced me to commit suicide it had been a good 6 months since I’d had a good nights sleep. I was sleep deprived and running on negative energy feeling powerless to stop a train that no longer had me at the wheel.

It took several years to gather all my…

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Moons on a Monday… and a Little More Photography

Photography from Tara Caribou

Raw Earth Ink

I hope you don’t mind me sharing a few more photos. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time staring outside and walking around because I fear winter is coming to an end and I’m getting a little sad about that. I swear it just started but then I look at the calender and realize, oh yeah, it’s been five and a half months since first snows… sighhh.

Open skies and sunset nearing.

One of those moody days at the beach and crystal clear views.

Cloudy all day but then as the sun set, it poked out below the clouds and lit up everything pink… for like six minutes.

Should we talk about the fact this sign is in a three foot ditch or that I am going to miss all this snow all too soon?

Shooting the moon at sunset but then I saw the bunny sitting so cute…

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Flesh of My Flesh

Janmalique resumes her journey.

Strange Goings On In The Shed

Should I celebrate in releasing this second dispatch on my return from, a wilderness of sorts? It’s apparent the ability to write anything now, much less something of substance, is like the faltering attempt of a child taking their first steps. Regardless, I’ll persevere in my journey to find meaning in a world I’d like to retreat from but unable to. Please don’t take this to mean I’m broken and rudderless, certainly not, what’s broken can be repaired through the application of gold and fire. Kintsugi. But that’s not the focus of my attention here. My situation reminds me of a meme I chanced upon featuring the image of a lion of flame stating “don’t take my kindness for weakness, the beast in me is sleeping, not dead.”  Indeed. One wonders whether this is a message from one who has many epithets, Wanderer in the Wastes, Ruler of…

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HASTY -Who matters?


You are valuable to me. Without you I’d be less alive. You are my Batman. My Wonder Woman. My supporter. My fire starter.

You remind me I am not alone. That possibilities are all around me just waiting for me to engage. You are potential. You are energy. You are my community and my possible growth.

I look at you and can’t help but wonder about you. Who are you. What do you need. What do you offer. Each and every one of you in your you-ness. I have seen your best and your worst. I have seen your extremes and in betweens.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for trying. I hope you choose to offer good things. To make the world better by making us all better. What we choose to offer and accept matters. It’s all that matters.

I matter.

YOU matter.

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Seven Purple Crocuses

Tara Caribou – Spring Hope

Raw Earth Ink

crystals coat my eyelashes
and my puffed breath
swirls before my face

the mist runs its fingers
through the low-lying trees
the quiet whisper of dried and
yellowed grass in the slightest breeze
the grasp of winter’s white blanket
still wrapped around their ankles

somehow or other
I catch the glimmer of the sun’s rays
through shadowed branches
and I breathe deeper

a spot of bright light
rests on my cheek
dims when the fog thickens ever so

the hollow ache in my breast tightens
and I wonder
is this the day in which
my heart bursts and ends everything

a shiver dances down my spine
I smell snow-covered branches
and I keep walking

today or tomorrow
I’ll keep watching the skies
and hoping for winter’s end

my foot treads something softer
and I look down to see the bright faces
of seven purple crocuses
filled with ice crystals and…

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Call Your Senators about the Two House Gun Safety Laws

Calico Jack – Two bills headed for the Senate – Call

The Psy of Life

In a sign that we are returning to “normal” after a year of pandemicking, we’ve had seven mass shootings in seven days — Yay, American exceptionalism, I guess — and two that were particularly horrific. Eight dead at three Asian-themed Atlanta-area massage parlors and ten dead including a police officer at a grocery store in Boulder plunging us all into the futile gun safety debate with the Q-Pubes and other conservatives in Congress and on our social media.

All the talking pundits on the cable news shows assure us that the vast majority of Americans support the passage of national gun safety measures, even gun owners! even NRA members! even Repbubes! How could that possibly be true? If it were true, we’d have “common sense” gun safety legislation, right?

Let’s run throughsome of the polls:

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