Forensic Psychology: The Motivations of the Atlanta Asian Spa Shooter

Calico Jack – What was that guy thinking?

The Psy of Life

Yesterday, on Wednesday 17 March Robert Aaron Long, 21, of Woodstock, Georgia visited three Asian spas in the Atlanta area and shot eight people dead. He then fled south where he was apprehended. Apprehended. Not shot dead. He’s white.

While there is a racial focus of this mass shooting event, it isn’t the focus of this blog post. And, while he used guns to commit this crime, guns are not the focus of this blog post, either. Today, we depart from these two tried and true themes that have been addressed so frequently on Ye Olde Blogge and focus on the motivation of the shooter. Today, we will visit forensic psychology!

Forensic psychology is the scientific study of the behaviors and mental processes used by criminals and law enforcement. It covers everything from motivation to interrogation to developmental psychology to personality psychology to situationalism. It covers a lot of…

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