The Cognitive Tom Fuckery Behind the GOP’s Attack on our Health, Democracy, and Planet

Calico Jack – What are they really trying to do?

The Psy of Life

There are three issues that the Q-Pubes are mind-bogglingly defiant on:

  1. #COVID19 whether it is testing, prevention, mitigation, vaccination, or recovery funding. For example, Gov Abbott of Texas relaxed all the statewide #COVID19 mitigation efforts to distract folks from the utility disaster that he presided over.
  2. elections whether it is voter suppression, Russian interference, or the Big Lie. For example, Georgia is accelerating its efforts to suppress the votes of likely Dem voters, i.e. Black folks.
  3. climate change.They don’t think human activity causes climate change,so there’s no policy solution to it. Um, ever consider what happens if you’re wrong, fellas?

All three are existential threats to our country as we know it. Instead of engaging in these or any other issue of governance at local, state, or federal level, they prefer to engage in endless hyperventilating culture wars harping on about Antifa, wokeness, and cancel culture in addition…

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