Mass Shootings: Mental Illness is One of the Tragedies of the Boulder Shooting

Calico Jack – Paranoia, Delusions, and Bullets

The Psy of Life

Congratulations, America! It looks like we’re past the #COVID19 pandemic and have returned to normal. Not only have we had two spectacular mass shootings — the Atlanta Spa Shooting and the Boulder King Sooper Shooting — but, we’ve had seven mass shootings in seven days. Now, that sounds like the pre-pandemic America that I know and love. Please shoot me up with some bleach and shine a flashlight up my ass if this is what we’ve endured the last year of death, disease, uncertainty, social isolation, and masks to return to.

It is notable, though, that we are not hearing widespread calls to hearts and prayers and that it is too soon to politicize these events. So, progress?

The Democrats have passed two gun safety bills in the House. Both address holes in the background check requirements for…

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