Call Your Senators about the Two House Gun Safety Laws

Calico Jack – Two bills headed for the Senate – Call

The Psy of Life

In a sign that we are returning to “normal” after a year of pandemicking, we’ve had seven mass shootings in seven days — Yay, American exceptionalism, I guess — and two that were particularly horrific. Eight dead at three Asian-themed Atlanta-area massage parlors and ten dead including a police officer at a grocery store in Boulder plunging us all into the futile gun safety debate with the Q-Pubes and other conservatives in Congress and on our social media.

All the talking pundits on the cable news shows assure us that the vast majority of Americans support the passage of national gun safety measures, even gun owners! even NRA members! even Repbubes! How could that possibly be true? If it were true, we’d have “common sense” gun safety legislation, right?

Let’s run throughsome of the polls:

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