Flesh of My Flesh

Janmalique resumes her journey.

Strange Goings On In The Shed

Should I celebrate in releasing this second dispatch on my return from, a wilderness of sorts? It’s apparent the ability to write anything now, much less something of substance, is like the faltering attempt of a child taking their first steps. Regardless, I’ll persevere in my journey to find meaning in a world I’d like to retreat from but unable to. Please don’t take this to mean I’m broken and rudderless, certainly not, what’s broken can be repaired through the application of gold and fire. Kintsugi. But that’s not the focus of my attention here. My situation reminds me of a meme I chanced upon featuring the image of a lion of flame stating “don’t take my kindness for weakness, the beast in me is sleeping, not dead.”  Indeed. One wonders whether this is a message from one who has many epithets, Wanderer in the Wastes, Ruler of…

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