HASTY – That was then, this is now


Every year, about this time, I start falling hopelessly into a past that nearly killed me.

2011 was the year I turned 40. It was a pretty strange year in that I was a totally different person than I had been previously. I had lost 100 lbs and had made lots of new friends. It’s also the year binge drinking started to get out of hand.

2012 was a slow and constant spiral into what felt like a steady fade into madness. Emotional, paranoid, overthinking, and so anxious and sad I couldn’t sleep. In fact, the night my mind nearly convinced me to commit suicide it had been a good 6 months since I’d had a good nights sleep. I was sleep deprived and running on negative energy feeling powerless to stop a train that no longer had me at the wheel.

It took several years to gather all my…

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