Moons on a Monday… and a Little More Photography

Photography from Tara Caribou

Raw Earth Ink

I hope you don’t mind me sharing a few more photos. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time staring outside and walking around because I fear winter is coming to an end and I’m getting a little sad about that. I swear it just started but then I look at the calender and realize, oh yeah, it’s been five and a half months since first snows… sighhh.

Open skies and sunset nearing.

One of those moody days at the beach and crystal clear views.

Cloudy all day but then as the sun set, it poked out below the clouds and lit up everything pink… for like six minutes.

Should we talk about the fact this sign is in a three foot ditch or that I am going to miss all this snow all too soon?

Shooting the moon at sunset but then I saw the bunny sitting so cute…

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