Spring Break-Up Photography

Tara Caribou shares stunning beauty.

Raw Earth Ink

The river finally broke up.

I’m often struck with awe on the rare days the ocean is glassy calm like this.

Storm across the inlet.



Reflection as the tide goes down.

Beached ice from the river, left behind as the tide receded.

But the sun is quickly melting them away.

Most of the local waterfalls have thawed.

Shining through the crack.

Enormous cottonwood growing down through boulders. I’ve got photos of these trees from the late nineties and it was huge then. These are the roots.

Root, rock, root, rock. I wonder when this boulder will finally break apart.

We all know I’m a sucker for foamy water on rocks.

My peace.

tara caribou | ©2021

All photos by me.

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Quicksilver Poetry

Pattimouse – In her own way


Choice stolen,
It’s rarity increased.
Dreams broken,
So you hold tighter
To the ones that remain.

Virginity a concept
That your worth
Can be stolen away.
That you can be so much less
Because another touched you
Implies that you were less anyway.

Picking up the pieces,
Trying to heal,
Realizing that nothing
was removed,
That it is perhaps better
To put together me
My own way.

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Autism ACCEPTANCE Month: How is Reforming the Police like Managing PDA?

Calico Jack – Consequences work

The Psy of Life

Here’s an interesting twist that I did not see coming! The same boundaries that you need to successfully manage PDA, you can apply to the police to limit their excesses. Who knew? Read further to find out.

The Importance of Setting Limits with PDA

The Wisdom of a Mother

When I was an older teenager verging on young adulthood, my mother had a kind of epiphany, I guess you’d call it, and she decided to impart some words of wisdom that have guided my entire life, but, especially, those very formative early adult years. She said to me, “Jack, if you are ever arrested, don’t call me because I’m not coming to get you.” I knew she meant it, too. So, from that moment on, I curbed my enthusiasm for some of the pursuits that young men will pursue and questioned some of our decisions and choices.

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The Earth Needs Saving Too

How Long?

The Tales Told Twice

We had forests replete with lush trees whose branches hugged the skies. Animals and birds lived there wild and tangled. In the tranquil silence, Earth thrived and healed itself. Men never forgot their roots and lived the old fable of their ancestors.

But as time passed, we became so wrapped up in ourselves that nature’s abundance stopped to excite us. We were always on the lookout for more. So we fell the trees, cleared the forests and displaced the very inheritors of the earth.

In no time, the pathless woods changed into towns and cities; the rapture of feet touching raw grounds was lost on us. Instead, we laced our boots and continued to race forward when all signs said stop. Sohow long will we turn a blind eye to the endangered species that cannot cope? Where do we run for cover when the earth sets itself ablaze to…

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Leaving WordPress – (but you are coming with me)

TheFeatheredSleep is moving


After numerous appeals to WordPress I did not get my ability to follow other WP authors reinstated. It was horribly unfair and ties my hands on WP, as part of my job is discovering and publishing talent. I’m disappointed, but I want to move on positively. In order to do this, I have decided to leave WordPressrather than condoning them.

One of my best friends built me a site. I have WordPress Reader and all those whom I follow (before I was banned from following any more) and all those who follow me (and you can continue to) will be exported with me so I can continue to read you. www.thefeatheredsleep.com

If you are not following me, you still can. When you go to my new page it gives you a way to follow me by email (Subscribe to Blog via Email

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HASTY – On the edge


There is an edge

To my sorrows

I dare not trust

Like a creaky bridge

It sways precariously

With each step I take

Like a dark tunnel

Promising monsters

Where the silence

Eats your screams

Or a high ledge

That is crumbling

Beneath your feet

And I know

If I get close enough

If I sneak a peek over

I shall surely meet

The monster

Waiting at the bottom

Of the end

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The Six Types of Conservative and How They Explain Our Current Craziness

Calico Jack – They can’t help it, it’s their natures.

The Psy of Life

We are living through some very confusing and concerning times in America. We are treated to some very baffling behaviors by elected GQP members, MAGAs, and other affiliated Repubes:

  • #COVID19 denial and mask refusal
  • #COVID19 vaccine refusal
  • Anger over the Chauvin conviction
  • Government spending is socialism
  • Tax cuts for the wealthy help everyone
  • Limiting voting rights promotes democracy
  • Believing that the 6 January Insurrection was (a) non-violent, (b) committed by antifa, (c) did not target the functioning of our government, and other lies about the event
  • Continuing to spread the Big Lie that Trump actually won the 2020 election but for voter fraud

Then there is the plethora of odd social beliefs that they profess like white people are the real victims here, Christians are being persecuted, systemic racism doesn’t exist, gun rights is a thing, forced birth is good, anti-immigrant rhetoric, only the right people should be voting, Q-Anon…

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