The New Country

Janmalique travels on

Strange Goings On In The Shed

© Jan Malique, Snowdonia 2021

“The New Country is quite acceptable don’t you think?” His Nibs turns to ask me.

I nod in agreement and return to navigating the difficult terrain ahead of us. The Old Country is a long way off, both in location and time, but ever present in our lives. As for the land I call home now, it’s a green and mysterious sanctuary in very different times. The process of transplantation from a city to the countryside isn’t always an easy process in many ways, and dependent on permission from the guardians of the land I think. That statement isn’t as strange as it sounds dear readers, I’m very grateful to be given the chance to put down roots in a wonderful landscape. What we call HOME is an energy carried within ourselves, held in readiness for the right place and time. Such places may not…

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