Did Dr. Tobin Hypnotise the Floyd Jury?

Calico Jack – court room hypnosis

The Psy of Life

The punditry class has been gushing over how pulmonologist, Dr. Martin Tobin — gentile Irishman from Ireland — absolutely enthralled the jury in the George Floyd murder trial. I’ve heard such hyperbolic adjectives as spellbound, mesmerized, captivated, transfixed. You’d think he was a veritable Svengali or Mesmer or something.

If you haven’t watched any of the coverage, here’s his testimony in its entirety. You won’t watch it even if it were shorter, but for completeness, I give you the opportunity.

The question is how did he do it? Is there a technique he used or is it just charismatic magic?

I recognized it immediately upon hearing him speak. The answer is simple. It is his cadence and intonation. The way he paced his words and emphasized them. I doubt it was deliberate, though. I bet it is just his “natural” way of speaking, but it is also a hypnotic technique…

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