Making the Inexplicable Death of Daunte Wright Plicable: Priming, Working Memory, Stress, and Policing in America

Calico Jack explains how the wrong weapon in the wrong hand got used.

The Psy of Life

There is no question that Daunte Wright should be alive today. No warrant, no license plate tag, no traffic stop should result in a death. By all accounts, this was a minor traffic stop and a misdemeanor warrant. If he wanted to flee, they had his name, driver’s license, license plates. They had him. They didn’t need to use force, taser, gun, or otherwise.

The shooting seems inexplicable, but psychology can make it more plicable: priming, working memory, and the effects of stress. But, before we can address those points, we’ll briefly summarize the incident starting with the video. Feel free to skip this part.

The Video of Daunte Wright’s Shooting

Seeing is Believing

Thank goodness we have video of many of these shootings, killings, and murders. In the past, we had to rely on the word of the survivors:

  • The companions of the deceased were always suspect because they…

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