A Measure of Uncertainty

Janmalique – Where to? What next?

Strange Goings On In The Shed

© Jan Malique, April 2021

“Where to now?” is a question I often ask myself. Today is another occasion when it makes an appearance. After an intense encounter with Sekhmet in that strange chapel in the last post I can you assure you this little blogger is still alive, with sense of humour thankfully intact. Alas, the neuroses and soul searching are continuing to follow me like the scent of cheap perfume. They refuse to go away, or am I refusing to let go? That’s one to mull over eh? The goddess has already “devoured me” once as a prelude to a journey that may lead to healing and reintegration.

“May?” is Sekhmet’s response. She raises an eyebrow at the choice of words.

I see what she means, that hesitation will only prolong a transformation that needs to happen. I have free will and in no way being coerced into…

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