HASTY – Something to learn


Tell me how to breath

In a field of hope

I’m so used to the battle

Anticipating the fights

The enemy fire

Tell me how to relax

When the air is calm

Not toxic or electric

Or filled with jealousy

How to I thrive

In a world of peace

When rage and fear

Are the chaotic norm

I was trained in this world

So I’m not sure I’d fit in

To any kind of Heaven

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Tara Caribou – In a moment, wonder

tara caribou

Her eyes shine blue, but grey in storm
Movements of a dancer
Curves, ebbing, flowing, crashing together
Ocean waves as flesh

Sweet flowing nectar, giving life
Ruby jewels parting, shining, enticing
Perfect blinding distractions

There’s a deeper truth, always going deeper
Seeing right through to
Leviathan just beneath the surface
Eddies swirl

A flash of the surface glare blinding
Pure light, so shade your eyes
Oh! A star pulses
Cold fire burning from within
Shining with out

Her eyes a deer frozen, afraid
Containing a gentleness
But going deeper to her core
A cage with rusted locks

Inside, buried, love cries
But freedom crooks her finger
Offering a chance, a choice
To be whole and running free
To become much more than cold echoes

But a flaming light
Warmth found in words
The lock crushed and bars broken
Fleeing, her deer-feet kick
Heart thumping
Trees and meadows rushing by


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HASTY – Winning in the dark


It’s hard

To sit in the dark


By old feelings

To let them

Materialize brand new

To be searched

Yet again

To be picked apart

To be analyzed

It’s hard

To face your trauma

To feel it

To listen to it

But this time

You get to speak

Here in this dark

The doors are locked

And and it can’t escape

Until you’ve been heard

And you realize

It’s your voice

That lights up the dark

That exposes the hurt

And turns it to ash

It’s your voice

That unlocks the door

That leads to freedom

From the power

The trauma once had

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HASTY – Departing in gratitude


There is a field filled with small summer flowers. They feel soft beneath my bare feet. At first it’s all I notice. Color being crushed beneath my feet. Resilient little flowers. Not left bent and broken but springing back to life in my wake.

Then sound. A rushing. Like a waterfall of flowing water. Thunderous and dangerous. In a rush all around me. It’s my blood. I can hear it noisy in my ears. The sound of my heart pushing my life hard into my veins.

Then earth. My back covers the ground. I can feel my warmth bleed into its soil. I’m sorry. My voice whispers to the flowers that will die underneath my weight.

Then just sky. Small wispy clouds like cotton candy flying away slowly in a soft breeze. You’re welcome. My voice whispering to the vultures that circle in anticipation.

And with that my breath stops…

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A Day at the Beach Nature Photography

Tara Caribou takes us to the beach.

tara caribou

It’s been a bit warm for me the last few days, nearly reaching 60*F (16c). I took my socks and shoes off and headed for the beach to do some target practice with my pistol and then some walking in tidepools and taking a few shots with my camera instead. I hope you guys enjoy.

Huge slabs of coal on this section of the beach.

Barnacles, limpets, neptunea, clay, cool rocks, and seaweed abound.

Some tidepools look like a whole different world.

A larger pool cascades over the edge of the coal and makes its way into the ocean while mussels cling to the coal’s surface.

Itty-bitty baby neptunea leave trails in the wet sand.

Barnacles, barnacles, barnacles.

Sooo many neptunea. These about the size of a large kumquat or strawberry.

Clay covered coal. Stretching up to the sand/clay on the beach, and the cliffs beyond.

The coal several feet…

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HASTY – sharing joy


I’ve been challenged to post a photo each day for 10 days that bring me Joy. I’m not supposed to leave an explanation about the pic but I’ve never been great at following instructions. I can’t promise I’ll stop at 10. Feel free to post one on your own timeline and tag me so I can share in your joy!❤️

Photo 1

This photo of my daughter and her bracelets. It was a colorful phase. She wore as many as she could and they all meant something to her. She dressed with lots of color and her personality matched. We were sitting at an ice cream yogurt place meeting some new friends when I snapped this.

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