Election 2022: Can the GQP Voter Suppress its way to Victory or Can the Dems Stacey Abrams their way to Victory?

Calico Jack – Who will vote and how?

The Psy of Life

Ye Olde Blogge has been saying for years that the GQP has become an anti-democratic party whose goal is to create an authoritarian-style single-party pseudo-democratic minority-rule government. They see the entire purpose of government as existing to transfer the nation’s wealth to the 1% as quickly as possible while the rest of us live in Cancer Alley, drink Flint water, pay for Texas utilities, and die quickly and quietly when we can no longer contribute to the 1% more than we cost.

GQP Electoral Advanatages

In the past, the plan was to elect a Repube president, wreck the economy with massive unneeded unwanted unnecessary tax cuts, and then let a Dem president rebuild the economy. It was a 16-year cycle. Eight years for the Repubes to scorch the earth; eight years for the Dems to…

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