Autism AWARENESS Month: Eases the Guilty-Conscious of Schools, Administrators, and Teachers

Calico Jack – PDA, school, and his very aware child

The Psy of Life

Programming note: I know that April is Autism AWARENESS Month and that this is May, which is not April, but this thing happened late in April and this is the first I can write about it and it is my blog so I’ll blog about what I want to when I want to even though I do follow my own editorial rules… mostly.

As many of y’all already know, La Petite Fille is autistic and is on the pathological demand avoidance profile. Recently, she had an English assignment that required her to make a podcast on the ways two or more texts discussed the Holocaust. Well, the Holocaust caused Le Petite Fille a serious existential crisis, so her teacher graciously allowed her to chose her own topic. She chose PDA and school.

While the final product lacked some of the finer production values…

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