Tara Caribou – Treasured and elusive

Raw Earth Ink

I hold memories of you
like a wave-worn rock
nestled in my pocket

reaching in, my fingers
float along your soft edges
/the gentle curves of who you were
/who I remember you to be
/who we once were

I feel your weight
a whispering touch, I cradle that ache again
/the fervent ache to have you
/reach back
/to me

but I’m just one more wave, aren’t I?
swirling and foaming and churning
trying so hard to capture you

vainly, I cast my net to surround you but
you move right past my fingertips

again and again I try
slipping, frothing, hoping
I could be the one to carry you

no, no, instead I’m the one who
brushes off grains of you
smoothes, polishes
cherishes, every speck

mixing bits of you, treasured
here, inside my heart

tara caribou | ©2019-2021 revised

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