Election 2022: The Argument for Optimism

Calico Jack – Optimism – yes, it is possible

The Psy of Life

I have to be honest. When I think about the election in 2022, I am pessimistic. I look at all the ways that the Repubes are trying to rig and steal the election, and I feel queasy. But, my head says that there is hope and that democracy will likely prevail. In this next installment of the analysis of election 2022, the argument for optimism for a Democratic victory will be outlined. See the previous post, Election 2022: The Argument for Pessimism, for the, well, you know, the argument for pessimism or why the Repubes might could prevail. Let me know which way you lean in the COMMENTS!

Voter Turnout

To all those punditing talking pundits on all the talking pundit shows and writing all the punditing articles, the Repubes have 74 million reasons to be “loyal” to…

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