HASTY – The harm, and the blame too long in the wrong direction


I see her

The many hers

Living life around me

Growing up hard

Bodies holding bruises

Smiles forged by heartache

Eyes that glisten like fire glass

There’s always such a burning

Slow and steady

Working at their insides

Making them stronger?

Making them angrier?

Will they become supervillains?

Will they become heroes?

People talk about them

She’s crazy. Too messy.

“She’s sweet but a psycho”

She lashes out fast

Doesn’t give you time to rest

She’s so defensive

So manipulative and possessive

Those girls. Those women.

Have only themselves

They walk around broken

And nobody cares

They are roadkill

Too late for them anyhow

I see her

Reaching out for help

Writing their stories

Looking for justice

But mostly searching for peace

I saw a her today

She is 80 and alone

She’s not roadkill

She’s trying still

To be unbroken

Not a psycho

Just a human

Full of sorrow

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