Of Smoke and Gold: The Lightbringer Returns

Janmalique a gathering of four

Strange Goings On In The Shed

Jelena Pajovic at Unsplash

“The Fallen have not entered into Darkness but into Life, not many understand this.” I wrote those words eons ago, or it seems like eons ago. What, or who was I referring to? An angel clothed in smoke and gold. An awesome presence who remains hidden in mystery, sought by many over the ages but remains frustratingly elusive.

“Why does he occupy your thoughts now” my beloved Lady of Transformations asks.

I reply, “another door opens and he stands at its threshold, waiting for, for a question that may take an eon to answer.”

She looks at me shrewdly and then glances over to His Nibs. They sense a story waiting to to be given voice to. I’ve travelled far in search of answers to questions that refuse to be asked. What is it that the Soul is afraid to find out? Does the Lightbringer bring…

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