The Distortions to Our Expectations Social Media Causes Detrimentimental to Our Democracy

Calico Jack – Delayed gratification?

The Psy of Life

If you’re like me, you spend a significant amount of your day, week, month, life on social media. It’s entertaining, distracting, and, oddly, satisfying giving you a sense of accomplishment when you’ve really done nothing at all… or have you?

One of the things that social media does is expose you to other people’s ideas, opinions, and interests, and science says that other people’s ideas, opinions, and insterests shape our ideas, opinions, and interests. Remember the thing your mom used to harangue you with, “If everybody jumped off a cliff, would you?” And George Carlin’s retort, “Yeah, because I’d be a fool not to.” And, the saying, “A 1,000 Chinese people can’t be wrong”? They are all getting at the same thing: if a majority of people in your awareness are doing something or believing something, then it must be right. Just as we…

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