Shattered Wings

Janmalique – Of burdens of others, and wings

Strange Goings On In The Shed

The heat is uncomfortable if you linger in the sun for too long, as for the light, beautiful and bright. I look across at My Lady Sekhmet and ask if this is to her taste. She smiles that mysterious smile and nods imperceptibly. As for the Jackal and Hawk gods, they bathe in the glory of the day. The atmosphere today has been comfortable and devoid of tension. So far, so good. The spirit has recently been weighed down with a sense of listlessness and yearning, yearning for what I may ask myself.

“Yearning? For what or whom my little priestess?” murmurs the Lion goddess.

I point to my back, and she then looks over to Horus and Anpu (His Nibs). They walk over and stand behind me, both gently touching the areas where, where the wings had been torn off. Their touch is light and somehow, healing. I’m…

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Whaz Up!?! Wednesday 28 July

Calico Jack – Real estate and tec limitations

The Psy of Life

Howdy y’all!

All you sharp- eyes readers out there are probably wondering two things:

  • First, what happened to Monday’s “What Up!!!” post.
  • and second,, why haven’t recent posts had featured images and links to previous posts.
  • And third, why I haven’t been posting more.
  • And fourth, what’s up with all the really screwy typos and shit in my posts.
  • And fifth, why can’t Jack count!?! Two things some how morphed into five? Haven’t you ever heard of editing?

Well, all y’all haters are gonna be feeling bad because I got two good reasons:

First, Ye Olde Blogge BOUGHT A HOUSE, y’all!

We closed this week. Even though Ma Femme went back to Ye Olde Country of origin to sign the paperwork and walk everything through. Honestly, it didn’t take long to figure out that Jack was shyte at most grownup stuff — thanks, pathological demand avoidance! I still had…

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HASTY – Is the only thing to fear, fear itself?


Sitting here at lunch toying with the idea of opening an Etsy store. To be completely honest I’m afraid of failure. What if I put myself out there and nothing happens? I used to be more courageous. Like I could do anything ya know? But live long enough and failure becomes a reality. I failed at marriage. I failed at friendship a few times. I failed at writing. I failed at weight loss. The list is long. So why try?

Why? Because it doesn’t make sense not to. I’ve had successes though I can’t think of any because my brain is working against me right now… but they exist. They do. I just need to sit here a bit longer and figure things out.

What fear do you have?

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HASTY – Alone, not lonely


I wish I could sit

In the gold

Of morning

Sit into the pinks

And oranges

Of sunset

Without having to draw

A sword for the black

The battle we fight

When left alone

To face the dark

And all its monsters

The fights though

Bring back the light

And even though

I feel alone

I know I’m not

Because when I look up

I see a universe of stars

And all those stars

Are souls

Past and future

Wielding swords

All of us fighting


To create light

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We’re So Fucked: Proportionality Bias Explains Voter Apathy To The Threat To Our Democracy

Calico Jack – Boiled frogs

The Psy of Life

From Sketchplanations

“The election was stolen! The election was stolen! ” the Ol’ Pussy Grabber runs around his golf course flapping his arms and screaming like some common Chicken Little.

On the left-hand side of politics, It has become known as the Big Lie. On the far right-hand side, it has been accepted as true… at least among the rank and vile of MAGA Nation and the useful idiots of the political offices of the Repube controlled states and the back bench of Congress.

In fact, it has burrowed so deep into the Collective Unconscious of the politically gullible and willfully ignorant that it may prove to be difficult to eradicate from our political discourse.

Last week, Ye Olde Blogge included a link to a story, that was only a link really to a summary of a national survey from an obscure organization called Bright Line Watch, oh, and…

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