Review of Through The Looking Glass an anthology from Indie Blu(e) Publishing, “Reflecting on Madness and Chaos Within

This is a heavy book, a big book, 529 pages big and heavy. And it is heavy of subject, mental illness as the lived experience of its 150 contributors. It is also beautiful, haunting, and honest in it’s poetry and stories and art. This is not a book to sit down and read cover to cover, but one to keep handy and, perhaps daily or less often, open randomly and read a piece or a few, and feel, ponder, possibly weep or laugh (or both). If you are one like the authors dealing with depression, mania, psychosis, anxiety, or some combination, you will be in no doubt that you are not alone in that. If you know, love, work with such a one (or more) and seek to understand, there are keys here offered by people of talent more than many who have similar experiences and who are not so able to tell their tale. They do come like shipwrecked Ishmael with tales to tell, tales true and real well told, some of which may well include something like mad captains and wounded whales.

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