What Up?!? Monday 19July 2021

Calico Jack brings his Monday offering of nifty, amusing, disturbing, and informative links.

The Psy of Life

Howdy y’all!

It’s been a tough week technology-wise. La Petite Fille or as she has been known just as often this week, Meine verdammte Tochter, has finally battered her old Mac Book Air into submission. We’re now sharing the computer facsimile Chromebook, and I’m doing most of my posts on my Chinese knockoff Kindle Fire rendering the whole endeavor one long exercise in endless unique frustrations. Luckily, I can cuss in four languages since Quebecois obscenities are unique to it Incidentally, it is my favorite set of cuss words

Just for fun, let’s share the languages you cuss in! Mine are English, German, French, Quebecois, and Spanish. Merde! That’s five. I can cuss in five languages, but I can’t count in any. The lesson, as always is, I’m an idiot.

This Week’s Reading

From the News

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