Making Explicable the Inexplicable: the Waves of the #COVID19 Pandemic are Natural Waves of Terror

Calico Jack – Wave after wave after wave

The Psy of Life

We’ve been scratching our collective asses looking at the rank and vile of MAGA Nation as they decry masks and vaccines and warp the interpretation of individual rights and freedoms to mean acting without any responsibility for how our behaviors affect those around us. I mean since we’ve had multiple effective and demonstrably safe vaccines for #COVID19 that Trump championed the development of, you’d think MAGA Nation would use it as an occasion to sing Trump’s praises and PROUDLY line up for the shot just to own the libs if for no other reason. You’d think the Ol’ Pussy Grabber would be crowing about the vaccine how wonderful it is, the best vaccine ever invented, many people are saying it, undevelopable without him ,everyone asks him how he does it and it’s just natural talent, he’s so humble…

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Spiral Artist

Tara Caribou – A bird betrayed

tara caribou

I was flying amongst the clouds
Floating and one with the salty sea air
The breezes ruffling my feathers
The sun upon my wings and my beak

Turning my head
First one eye then the other
I spied from high above the oceans swells
Something spreading
Across the water’s surface

It was black and shiny
Rainbow colors moving and pulsing

Drawn to its dark beauty I
Tucked my wings and descended
A spiral artist as I circled gently down

Drawing close
I stretched forth my webbed feet
Dropping down with a wet plop

You were beautiful from afar
But when I touched you
You clung to my feathers
You covered my skin and my beak
You stung my eyes

I couldn’t preen
Without your oil soaking into me

Still I kept trying and now look at me
Black oil smeared all over
Floundering in the slick that is you


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Climate Change: Waves of Terror Paving the Way for Authoritarian Rule

Calico Jack – Waves of fear and staying sane

The Psy of Life

Recently, Ye Olde Blogge reviewed the points made in the video, Mass Psychosis: How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill, and pointed out two things: (1) the ways that the symptoms of mass psychosis are matching up with MAGA Nation, (2) the ways that Ye Olde Blogge covered the same things but using different names, and (3) what we could do to stop or slow down our descent into mass psychosis. (Okay, that was three and not two, so I thought of one more, jeez. There’s no pleasing some people. That’s what Jesus said.) One of the points they made that was omitted from the original discussion was waves of terror. Here, I’ll post the video again starting at that point:


Let’s start by reviewing just a bit about how a person with authoritarian designs starts…

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