BOOK REVIEW – The Kali Project: Invoking The Goddess Within / Indian Women’s Voices

Candice Louisa Daquin and Megha Sood had an idea that if they put out a call for submission from women of India and the Indian Diaspora about their lives and history and hopes, there might come enough poetry, prose, and art to make a book. So, they did it, and they got some. They got a lot. They edited the response down to a mere 583 pages. There is much here, as one might expect from that ancient and patriarchal culture, of struggle, and trauma, and resistance, of dealing with and sometimes suffering at the hands of fathers and husbands and strangers, but also so much more. The range of stories is as wide and the Subcontinent, as open as its plains, as lush as its forests, and in places as hard as its mountains. And the goddess Kali? She too is here, invoked in her many manifestations (elemental power, warrior, midwife, lover, undertaker, mother, and more) and reminding that to be a woman is to be her daughter, and encouraging the speaking of truth. The women of India do have a lot of truth to speak, and here they have spoken.

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