Sunshine and Raindrops Photography

Tara Caribou shares beauty.

Raw Earth Ink

Hello friends. The last month has been a whirl. I took a week off as I do every year for subsistence fishing (salmon) only to fall very sick for a full two weeks, hence the lack of activity on your blogs. I confess I probably will not be able to “catch up” on all your fine posts but I’m back to read now.

I thought I’d share with you some nature photos from July before I fell ill. I hope you all enjoy.

Beach grass

Wild lupine

One thing I love about lupine is how the raindrops collect on the leaves.

Pink lupine

Some beautiful sunsets in July

No filters, just a thick haze from the chemtrails

Clovers smell so sweet in the rain


A noxious weed but still pretty

Sun through the alders

Pushki (cow parsnip) flowers, these stalks were about eight feet tall.

A few hours to…

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