Conspiracy Theory 201: Keeping the Wheels on the Bus Going Round and Round

Calico Jack – The staying power of conspiracy theories

The Psy of Life

Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? Didn’t we all have a good laugh when Trump accused Ted “Cancun” Cruz’s father of having assassinated President Kennedy? Good times, amirite? If we only knew what was to come, we might’ve enjoyed it more. Those were, afterall, the halcyon days of Trump’s America, weren’t they? Days when we were all innocent and the #Resistence seemed like all fun and games and we could wear pussy hats and post memes all day long. Now, everything is fascism, insurrection, white supremacy.

We are, literally, in the fight for our democracy as we watch the GQP radicalize their base and prepare them to commit very real violence against our government and our citizens. Suddenly, those wacky conspiracy theories are just a little less wack as they are used to…

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