The Medieval Witch Hysteria Teaches About Today’s Pandemic and Stolen Election Hysterias

Calico Jack – A pattern repeated

The Psy of Life

We are struggling with a significant minority of our population suffering from mass psychosis. They are held under the delusion that the #COVID19 pandemic is either not real, not as severe as it is, or that it can be treated and cured with a variety of methods that it simply cannot be. They are similarly deluded that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump, that election fraud was rampant, and our elections are unreliable unless the Republican wins. There are many similarities between the hysterics of MAGA Nation and those of the witch hysteria in the Late Middle Ages.

  1. Religion was an important galvanizing force of those suffering from both hysterias.
  2. Scapegoating an Other was an important factor in both hysterias.
  3. Those affected by both hysterias have been living for decades with extreme stress and experiencing…

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Whaz Up!?! Monday 27 September 2021

Calico Jack brings his weekly grab bag, even including some music.

The Psy of Life

Howdy y’all!

My life has grown to be monotonous: I go to work, teach classes, plan classes, come home, cook and clean, plan more classes, sleep, get up and do it all over again. I have managed to push my planning out by about a week so instead of planning the next class or tomorrow’s classes, I’m actually doing the end of next week’s classes. So, that’s something.

The big national holiday Pchum Ben is coming up the first week of October, so we’ll be offline from 3 – 7 October. I’ll schedule a post or two but won’t be able to answer comments.

The monotony of my life makes this portion of the post a little dull, so I thought I’d share some musical discoveries that I’ve made. Since the death of Nanci Griffith, I’ve been listening to a lot more music. The shift from CDs to digital left…

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Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema: The Dark Tetrad in Action

Calico Jack – The wooden shoes in the gears of the Senate

The Psy of Life

I don’t think we need to review the crises that the country faces. We all know that the climate change is upon us, death in the form of #COVID19 stalks our land, and our democracy is being dismantled disenfranchised voter by disenfranchised voter.

I don’t think we need to review the legislation that is pending before Congress that would go along way to addressing and mitigating these apocalyptic trio.

I don’t think we need to review the reasons that this effective legislation is stalled and not being passed in spite of Democratic control of the House, Senate, and White House. We all know that it is because the Republican senators will filibuster any and all legislation up to and including raising the debt ceiling. We all know that the Democrats cannot modify or outright end the filibuster without the…

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Rising Political Violence: Authoritarians, Mass Psychosis, and Waves of Terror Make More Violence Inevitable

Calico Jack – Ominous trends

The Psy of Life

Headlines from the news recently include these stories:

The Dallas Morning News

Texas women attack NYC restaurant hostess over vaccine status request

Three women from outside Houston attack a restaurant hostess because she was doing her job. They committed physical violence because a low-level low-wage frontline employee who has no policy-making authority whatsoever was doing her job as her management and state law demand.

US News and World Report

Police: Man Assaulted Walmart Worker Over Mask Request

Throughout 2020 and into 2021, we were frequently treated to headlines like this one from April when a man in Rhodes Island assaulted a 16 year-old low-level low-wage frontline employee who has no policy-making authority whatsoever was doing his job as management directed and asked him to put a mask on his child. Real physical violence against committed by one everyday American against another.

All the while, GQP “leaders” keep ratcheting up the…

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Whaz Up!?! 20 Monday 2021

Calico Jack offers his weekly collection of internet and blog finds and tips.

The Psy of Life

Howdy y’all!

We ran out of coffee!?! It’s Sunday morning way before the stores open, and I get up to finish this post like I do every Sunday only to discover the most important ingredient to blogging missing. Why do bad things happen to good people, god? Why? Oh, wait. Maybe it means… but I scores a Shockingly Saintly on the dark tetrad personality quiz, so that’s not it.

From the good news file: We’re up to $10.00 whole dollars from the ads on the site. It’s only take us a year to get enough money from them so I can take Ma Belle Femme to Starbucks on date night and get a small coffee each. You can let me know how envious you are of me in the comments.

The rains have come: It has been raining constantly for about two weeks. The Mekong has finally started to rise…

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