Summer Into Autumn Photography

Tara Caribou – more stunning photos

Raw Earth Ink

Due to unforeseen circumstances this spring in my household, my workload increased and my summer has been busy, busy. Autumn is always busy, with harvesting moose and foraging for berries. I thought I’d give you all a break from the macro shots and share a little hodgepodge. Enjoy!

One of the wild bunnies on the property collecting fresh hay for his burrow.

On a hot day, nothing feels as nice as the cool air beneath a canopy of alders.

Looking into the alders, it’s like a whole new world, very grounding and magical.

Sometimes the sky looks like a painting and I stare in awe.

Salmon from subsistence fishing.

Beautiful colors.

Smoking the salmon.

Another gorgeous sunset from my front porch.

The fair comes every August.

And watched this sword-swallower guy. Wow. So cool to see it in person.

This wild baby bunny, who I called Cinnamon, invited herself into…

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