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Calico Jack – A chilling analysis

The Psy of Life

This article demonstrates in quantitative analysis what Ye Olde Blogge has been saying all along. It’s good policy if it hurts Black folks first and worst. Any white casualties are worth it. According to this actuarial analysis, the GQP may have decided that a few hundred thousand — literally — MAGA deaths is worth it if it undermines confidence in Biden and his handling of the #COVID19 pandemic.

Charles Gaba drives this point home by comparing the GQP response to the #COVID19 pandemic response to the response of the corporate actuaries in the movie, Class Action, a fictionalized account of the exploding Ford Pinto case, who decided it was cheaper to deal with the lawsuits resulting from the deaths of their defective product than it was to fix the defective product. This isn’t the decision making process of someone who has a Spock-like devotion to logic and rational thought…

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