Call YOUR Senators: The PUSH to End the Filibuster is on!

Calico Jack – Why and how to call your senators

The Psy of Life

Earlier this week we all awoke to the news — that’s AWOKE, not “woke,” y’all — that President Handsome Joe Biden was at Senator Majority Leader’s Chuck Schumer’s disposal as soon as he wanted to end the filibuster. Biden was ready to work the phones and bring what pressure the President and White House could to bear on those senators who were recalcitrant on ending or reforming the filibuster.

The national progressive political roller coaster was finally starting to climb that majestic mountain that would get us over the hump and plunge us headlong into progressive nirvana of an actual protected right to vote, limiting climate change, building infrastructure, reforming immigration, lifting the middle class, and reducing poverty. Some of us even dared to hold hands and share our heart-shaped cupcakes and sing a few halting bars of Kumbaya.

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