The Little Stranger – Robert G. Wertzler

I’m on Brave And Reckless today

Brave & Reckless

You might meet him, a small person.

You might at first think him a child.

But, then, no, not young.

His age is hard to tell.

And he’ll look at you with eyes both innocent and wise and ask a question.

It’s the kind of why or how question a child can ask, or a Zen master.

One about something so ordinary, so habitual, that you find it hard to answer.

He’ll wait, hopefully, watching you try to find a good answer.

You’ll say something that likely feels inadequate.

He might say, “Hmm.” and go on his way.

Or, he might ask another version of it, or want you to say more.

He might laugh with the musical abandon of a child playing Peek-A-Boo.

He might take a serious look, a pondering look, and wander off.

And there you will be with that question, his gift or his curse.


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